This table provides a listing of most of  the works that I have produced over the past few years. 


        • To restrict the listing to only, for example, ‘Still life’,  click on the funnel symbol at the top of the ‘Subject’ column and pick this category from the drop down selection box
        • Likewise, to see only those still available for sale, click the same symbol for the ‘Status’ column and select the ‘Available’ category. 
        • NB A ‘Donated’ status refers to those works that have been mostly donated to the Mater Foundation for auction or sale
        • Click on the ‘X’ symbol to restore full listings
        • Any column can also be sorted by clicking on the column heading. The default order is by catalogue number
        • All paintings are framed and dimensions are listed in cm for those that are still available
        • The number of records per page can be changed by clicking on the Page settings (cogwheel) button. The default is 20. 

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