I was born in England and migrated to Brisbane Australia in 1977 with my husband and two children. I commenced painting after retiring as a medical practitioner in 1998. Essentially self taught, I embarked on my Art career utilising workshops and other resources available in my home city. I have had several solo and group exhibitions, participated in many juried shows and received awards for my portraits and still-life paintings; my works are held in private collections in Australia, the UK and North America.

Primarily an oil painter, I have been greatly influenced by past old masters and employ a traditional realist style. I admire in particular the works of Velazquez, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Sargent, as well as more contemporary American artists Andrew Wyeth and David Leffel, for the way they handle light and form. Whatever the subject, I aim to portray a sense of peace and tranquility.

I have been represented by the Agora Gallery in New York and a selection of my work was shown at their exhibition “Sensorial Perspectives” in New York form March 31st to April 21st 2015. 

I have had several exhibitions in Brisbane including   “Two and Three Dimensions” that was held in 2019 with fellow artist Christine Groh and wood sculptor (and husband ! ), Mike Ward (www.mikewardwood.com)  My most recent exhibition, also with Mike was at the Richard Randall Gallery Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens 4-7th May 2021.

The main ‘Gallery pages’ just contain a few examples of my paintings. A fuller collection of past and present work, including those that are available for sale, may be inspected via the ‘Catalogue’ page.  Enquiries about the sales, shipping costs or other matters can be made via the Contact page.

I am often asked how I produce a painting, and in 2016 I was invited by Artist’s Palette Magazine to write and illustrate an article showing how an oil painting is created, and to provide few hints and tips about what I have learned along the way. It was published in issue 148 in that year. An edited version of this article can be found on the “Demonstration” page together with the images of the painting as it emerged at key stages of development.

I am a strong believer in the traditional ‘atelier’ school of art education that teaches the great advantages of learning by copying from the masters. In this spirit I have included a “Master copies” gallery that has a few examples of how I have tried to learn through copying just how Vermeer could portray light  and peaceful grace and beauty in such a stunning way.  I am still learning, but this is one of the main pleasures in any art – getting close enough to know that you’re going in the right direction, but never close enough to know that you’ve arrived . This is what gets me into my studio most mornings and keeps me there for most of the day.